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The Author

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PostSubject: Ganesha   Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:08 am

25/02/2008 - 25/05/2008
March 2008:
Again I have been recruited to help in the gardens. I don’t mind much…but life in Svarga is getting a bit boring. I think I’m going to travel the world and tell my stories.

April 2008:
My mother didn’t like my decision to go, but I told her I couldn’t stay in Svarga anymore. It’s not that I find it boring, but I’m getting restless. So I leave ending of this month. And I think I will start in India first.

May 2008:
It is ending of the month and I have to say that I enjoy traveling around the poverty stricken parts of India and telling my stories. It teaches the people valuable lessons. And I bring some form of enjoyment to these people. More than 35% of India’s 1.1 billion population lives off of less than $1 USD a day. And it’s very rewarding to make these people laugh and take them away from their troubles for a little bit.

26/05/2008 - 26/08/2008
June 2008:
I was caught in a shoot out. Some men of Islamic religion came with guns and shot a bunch of people of Hindu religion. It disgusts me how twisted people can make their religion. Who has the right to say their religion is the one and only? The one whose god is recorded to be the oldest? For crying out loud, every damn religion claims their god came first! Sometimes I think it would be better not to have religions at all. One less thing to warp people’s minds.

July 2008:
I can see why Mahakali liked to visit orphanages and shelters. It really makes you appreciate what we often take for granted. A meal everyday, a warm bed, family, knowing you’re safe. These are all privileges. I think I will spend sometime at this orphanage I stumble upon. I love seeing the children smile and laugh at my stories.

August 2008:
Unfortunately I have to leave the orphanage for a little bit. I have been requested home to help with Amrita Shanna’s birthday party. Preparations start two weeks in advance because first birthday parties last about a week. And considering how many will attend…that’s a lot of food.

August 25th 2008-August 31st 2008
There was much celebrating. Everyday there was tons of food and entertainment. Rati had surprised Mahakali by making it a different color theme every day. I got to meet Amrita Shanna and Angelize’s cousins Sosanna and Caden as well as Abaddon and Sorsha Faysal. One the last day, all the children from Amrav-Io attended, Mahakali had bouncing castles, shallow pools, tons of games and prizes prepared for the kids.

Finally it came time for the blessing. Amrita Shanna’s head was shaved and covered in a red paste that signified her being blessed. Mahakali couldn’t stop crying because she was so happy. She even had her little ānsū khārā dressed up.

27/08/2008 - 27/11/2008
September 2008:
So I returned to touring the world to tell my stories. First I went back and brought some gifts to the orphanage that Mahakali had a lot left over. Mahakali even accompanied me so she could say hello to all the children. Then I continued on with traveling and sharing my stories. Great tales that everyone has seemed to have forgotten about.

October 2008:
While I was in one of the small towns in India, I was approached by an author who wished to take my stories and sell them. I told him he was welcomed to do so as long as all the proceeds went to charities, shelters and orphanages. That shut him up pretty quickly. Though I do not doubt he will publish my work and get rich off of it.

November 2008:
I continue to tell my stories and I think I’m becoming a bit famous in India. There was one little girl who told me her cousin in the next village told her about me. That I was a great storyteller. She asked if it was true and I merely laughed and told her I was just a traveler who liked to hear himself talk. She gave me one of those funny smiles children tend to give and said ‘well I think you are him.’
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The Author
The Author

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PostSubject: Re: Ganesha   Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:08 am

28/11/2008 - 28/02/2009
December 2008:
I have just been told that I am expected to provide the entertainment this year for the New Year’s party…So again I am uprooted from telling my stories and returned to Svarga. I had illusions incorporated in my stories. I told my tales using smoke to form images and special lighting to create the mood. Then I performed a traditional dance using dangerous weapons. Everyone found my performance very entertaining, but to me it felt empty. I wanted to share my talent with people who didn’t know. I wanted to see those rare smiles from the people who have experienced more strife than happiness in their lives.

January 2009:
I continue telling stories in India. It’s a very large place to cover. I traveled near the Ganga to tell my stories. Beside the river I told my story and suddenly there was a beautiful woman standing in the shade listening. I gave her a smile and she smiled back shyly. When everyone left I approached the young woman and asked if she was related to the Hindu goddess Ganga. She looked surprised when she nodded; telling me Ganga was her aunty. Then she began to tell me that she really enjoyed my story about Ganga and she was surprised that I knew so much about her aunty. But at that point she had already guessed who I was. We chatted for a bit more and I returned to tell stories near the river. And then one day the young lady just stopped showing up so I moved on.

February 2009:
I like to tell love stories around this time. I have resigned to the fact that I’ll probably be staying in India for awhile before moving to a different country. When I think about moving from here, I guess you can say I get cold feet.

01/03/2009 - 01/06/2009
March 2009:
Again…I am ripped from my storytelling. My aunty, Aditi, asks me to help the Evay sisters…without really being there. So now I have gone from innocuous storyteller to equally innocuous stalker. Aditi says that if I stick around long enough a good story will pop up. Hm…what does Aditi know that’s going to happen?

April 2009:
I’m still watching the Evay sisters. After the first week I had to give up at telling myself I wasn’t a stalker because that is practically what I am. Following them every where, but they don’t know because as long as I stay out of sight, Aditi blocks my presence.

May 2009:
HOLY CRAP! So that was what Aditi meant by me coming across a good story. The last demon attack, Teyani got injured. That night in secret, Dani called on her guardian. She made a deal with her guardian. In exchange for her soul, Byakko (her guardian) will stop the demons from reproducing and creating more of them. Since it is Dani’s soul that will power this, every time Byakko prevents another demon from being created, it kills a piece of Dani’s soul. I have no idea how this will affect her. I can expect it will be extremely painful. But to have her soul dying would mean she’d lose her identity. Does that mean she’d lose her memories too? Would she lose her personality and become indifferent? I don’t know.

02/06/2009 - 02/09/2009
June 2009:
I watched over the Evay sisters for another month to make sure Dani will be okay. They after all are my students. I’m bonded to them through my teachings. The effects of Dani’s deal do show straight on, but they are immediate. She’ll be in the middle of a class when a part of her soul dies and she gasps and grits her teeth, telling the inquiring minds that it’s just cramps. There is nothing more I can do for her. The corner gods are if anything, extremely stubborn and they take orders from no one without a cost.

July 2009:
With a troubled mind, I returned to telling stories. This time I traveled and told stories of the Evay sisters and how they came to be. Many thought it was purely imagination that I speak of them. Some who have heard my stories before tell me that they enjoy the Evay tale. But they do not believe in it because prior to now, it was never mentioned in legends. But I have a feeling that I will be the one to make them legends.

August 2009:
Aditi again bothers me. She has heard of me telling the Evay Sisters stories to the people and demands I blur their memories. She tells me that someone may be able to use the information I disclosed to defeat the Evay sisters. After much guilt tripping I erased the memories of the tales I told and back tracked to those villages to tell them another story to make up for the one I took away. I sent a pendant to Amrita Shanna. I knew Angelize would not accept a gift on his birthday.
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The Author
The Author

Posts : 194
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PostSubject: Re: Ganesha   Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:08 am

03/09/2009 - 03/12/2009
September 2009:
The weather has been getting a bit chilly. I continue with spreading stories around India. But I think the time has come for me to move on. China has deep roots in Hinduism so the stories shouldn’t be all that new to them. I will go there.

October 2009:
I am depressed with the way China progresses. By the time they become the strongest super power like they wish to be, their people would have died from the pollution their factories produce. Not to mention more than 50% of their population smokes. It seems that they are too busy seeking the newest knowledge to stop and listen to my stories. But I tell them anyways. In case there is that one person who is interested and my tale can touch them.

November 2009:
There still are undertones of communism in China. I have tried to use the internet and Google a few things, but as it turns out the Chinese government pays extra millions of dollars a year to Google to block certain sites from their browser so their people never knows what the government is up to. I decided to walk the Great Wall of China. If I try hard enough, I see the memories of each stone on that wall.
04/12/2009 - 04/03/2010
December 2009:
After my journey on the Great Wall, I have decided I will tell my stories in Europe. So I travel all over Europe to tell my stories. They listen and applaud and for some reason I feel no better than a monkey set to entertain. Do they really grasp the morals of my stories? Only those who know a little about Hindu culture have a basis of understanding for my stories. So far people already get confused with the names before the story line is even started.

January 2010:
I continue to make my way through Europe and tell stories. There are a few people I meet who seem genuinely interested in the tales I tell. They make my storytelling worthwhile.

February 2010:
As I continue on my travels, I seem to have acquired a following. A small group of people follow me from place to place. Like me, they are merely drifters. They say that they follow me because they want to hear all my stories. Some of them even ask if I can teach them to be storytellers. I do not know how you can teach someone to tell a story that comes from the heart. That would only be acting.

05/03/2010 - 05/06/2010
March 2010:
In some ways I feel like a hippie. Traveling with a bunch of other hippies. Of course I didn’t always feel this way. Someone commented on us being good for nothing tree huggers who need to get a job. I think he was having a bad day and was just angry that we were blocking the walk way.

April and May 2010:
My group of people who follow me is growing larger and larger and I’m starting to think I need to disband them soon. All of traveling together poses as a problem. We take up too much space in one area. When I told this to them, they all said that they didn’t want to disband. And I’m starting to feel like some kind of ruler over these people. They sure act like I am. This whole situation is starting to creep me out.
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The Author
The Author

Posts : 194
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PostSubject: Re: Ganesha   Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:09 am

06/06/2010 - 06/09/2010
June-July 2010:
So I struck a deal with the group of people following me around. After July, they must stop following me around because I’m going to return home so I won’t be telling stories anymore. Since I wouldn’t be telling stories anymore, some of them asked if I could become their mentor, which I replied I couldn’t because I was going to give up on storytelling all together (little lie to get them to leave me alone). This caused a huge ruckus. When they finally came to terms, there wasn’t anything they could really do about it. So I spent the summer telling my stories with my erm…followers always there.

Finally they disbanded on July 30th. I quickly left back to India to continue telling stories.

August 2010:
Back in India and I have decided to stay near the Ganga and tell my stories. So people can come to me or stop and listen if they are merely passing by and hear something of interest. That worked well. Many people would come and listen to an afternoon story. Sometimes I would have requests and I was more than happy to tell the same story over again as long as it still got the desired reaction.

07/09/2010 - 07/12/2010
September-November 2010:
I was feeling a bit homesick, so I decided to return home for a bit. I spent some time with my parents and was invited to Amrita Shanna’s 3rd birthday party. It was very intimate settings. Amrita Shanna is getting very big. I got her some Dr. Seuss books.

Thankfully Vishnu was banned from the kitchen around holidays. Especially around Thanksgiving. No one forgot the terror of turkey a few years back. Geeze, few years back doesn’t seem so long ago, but it’s been awhile.

I decided to stay in Svarga a little longer than I planned.

08/12/2010 - 24/02/2011
December 2010:
I left Svarga after our New Year’s party. This time Vishnu was set to entertain…which was interesting…

He did some acrobatic tricks and even some magic tricks. I could see Brahma snickering when Lakshmi came out as Vishnu’s assistant. He even said that Vishnu should try to saw Lakshmi in half or tie her to a rotating board and throw knives at her. Scarily enough, Vishnu was going to do it, but Lakshmi quickly excused herself. To top it all off, Vishnu did some dance numbers and ended the entertainment for that night with a song.

January 2011:
So I leave Svarga only to be called back. I had to do some damage control. Seemingly it was pretty obvious that Indra has not been in Svarga. Surya took it as his opportunity to go riffling through Indra’s things. And of course he finds out about Mahakali’s past…again. Something to the effect of Surya calling Mahakali a whore in front of her daughter. As we all can guess that didn’t go very well. From what I hear, after Mahakali had Virabhadra take her daughter away, she almost killed Surya. Virabhadra left Amrita Shanna with my mother and rushed back just in time to save Surya’s life. He got stripped of his powers and banned from Svarga. I had to wipe his memories and blur Amrita Shanna’s. So now Surya is a mortal walking the streets with no idea of who he is.

February 2011:
Rati’s sister, Arani, who had been away for some time has been asked by the Trimuri to be the new Sun god…goddess in this case. She was reluctant to take the job, but Rati convinced her sister to do it. And I think Arani said something about always wanting to live in Surya’s house. Although she’s having the whole place stripped and redone. Arani is planning on hiring a designer to layout her new home, but Rati volunteered Mahakali to do it.
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